Attention 1st - 8th: If a dress down day falls on a gym day, please wear sneakers or bring sneakers along to wear during gym class. If a child is not in sneakers, he/she will sit out for the duration of the class.

Attention Pre-K and Kindergarten: sneakers must be worn on gym day. Crocs and boots are not to be worn. If they are worn, the child will sit out for the duration of the class.

If you can't find your school sweatpants on gym day, please wear navy blue or black sweatpants. Shorts are no longer to be worn for the day. Shorts may be worn under sweatpants so sweatpants can be removed during gym class.

If you can't find your grey gym t-shirt on gym day, please wear your white summer polo shirt or a plain grey t-shirt (no logos).

Mrs. Atkinson's 2014-15 Gym class schedule:
  • Monday AM - 7th & 4th
  • Monday PM - 8.1 & 2nd (Damiano)
  • Wednesday AM - 6th & PreK
  • Thursday AM - K (Bixby) & 2nd (Timmons)
  • Thursday PM - 1st (Montag), 1st (Miller), & K (Bixby)

Miss Nirosky's 2014-15 Gym class schedule:
  • Tuesday AM - 3rd, 5th, & K (Heidig)
  • Wednesday PM - PreK & 8.2

Summer gym uniforms will be worn through September 30th.

All students MUST wear the following:

  • grey t-shirt with blue logo (bought through the school office)
  • blue mesh shorts with grey logo (bought through the school office
  • white socks that are visible ("no show" socks are not acceptable)
  • any color athletic sneaker (tennis, running, basketball high tops, etc)

St. Leo's gym uniform sweatshirts and sweatpants may be worn but are not mandatory until October 1st.
After October 1st, St. Leo's sweatpants must be worn. If a sweatshirt is to be worn during the day, it MUST be a St. Leo's uniform sweatshirt. All other sweatshirts/coats must be removed while inside the building.
St. Leo sweatpants and sweatshirts must be bought from Flynn & O'Hara.