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This Week's NewsWeek of February 8,2016
Dear Parents,

We introduced our star students, those that are a good example for others to follow. In the morning we had Nora Jane Christianson and in the afternoon we had Owen Humphrey The children wrote in their journals one thing the learned about that person.These two children will receive special privileges throughout the week as well as a prize at the end of the week.

In ILA we worked through three centers with various opportunities to stretch out sounds in words as well as practice on spelling word families using the vowels "a" and "e."

As an enrichment to God's rules currently being taught in our academic programs, I have invited our school counselor to teach a program once per week to the children to teach them the importance being aware of not only their own feelings, but also the feelings of others.

We focused on books that enhanced the academic curriculum and will continue working on the letter "e" as well as looking at animals that live in Anarctica.


Mrs. Miklos

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