Welcome to Mrs. Hinchey's Page! News for November Guided Reading Update...
I am happy to announce that guided reading is up and running with positive results! Students are enjoying reading real books, teachers are enjoying interacting with students in small groups, and most importantly, we are able to meet each student at his or her instructional reading level. Thank you to students, parents, and teachers for working so hard to get guided reading off the ground in the first two months of school!

Bookshelves Needed...In order to help teachers to find apporpriately leveled texts for students, we need to establish a bookroom. I am ready to start leveling books and book sets, but we need a way to store and organize them. We are in need of bookshelves to begin our bookroom. If you have bookshelves you currently are not using, we can put them to use in our bookroom!

Important Note About Reading Levels...As you know, all students in the school grades K - 5 have been tested to establish their independent and instructional reading levels. A student's instructional level is the level he or she can read with some support from the teacher. A student's independent level is the level he or she can read with little to no support, and is appropriate for reading at home. Over the summer, I compiled a comprehensive list of leveled books for each grade. You can access the list below as part of the summer reading challenge.

A Note About the Appropriateness of Middle School Books in the Elementary Grades:I've noticed that many students in grades 3 - 5 are reading books that were written for middle school students, such as The Hunger Games trilogy. I just wanted to point out that while the level of these books may match a child's reading level, the books were written for a middle school audience, with themes appropriate for kids 12 and older. Consequently, I encourage students to wait until middle school to tackle these books due to the content. I am not telling students in grades 3 - 5 they cannot read them. I just want to make parents aware that not all popular books are appropriate for all students. As a parent, you know your child and what she/he is able to handle.

Math Facts!I want to make parents aware of a free website that will help boost your child's math fact skills. It is called xtramath.org. I highly recommend it. There are no bells and whistles or games to play. It is simply drill and practice of math facts, starting with addition. There is a chart so that students can see how many facts they have mastered, and as a parent you get a weekly report of your child's progress. It is an excellent site. I make it a part of our daily homework routine.

St. Leo Super Summer Reading Challenge
Who: All students enbtering grades 2 - 6What: Summer Reading ChallengeWhen: Read every day (M - F) for at least 30 minutesWhere: Anywhere!! Take a book with you wherever you go this summer. When you need something to do, pick up a book and read!!!Why: To avoid the "dreaded summer slide"!Fact: You lose at least one reading level over the summer if you not read daily!What To Do:1. Check out my reading lists and choose a book to read. You do not have to choose a book from my list. The lists are there to help you when you arestuck. Remember: When you read independently, you should choose a book that is a level or two below your "instructional" reading level (the level you would read on in school).

2. Set a timer or look at the clock. Read for at least 30 minutes.
Remember: It is OK if you can not read for 30 minutes every day, but 30 minutes is yourgoal. You can split the time up - you don't have to read for 30 minutes all at one time. You do not have to read on Sat. or Sun. (but you can!!)3. Keep a reading log of the books you read and the # minutes you read each day. Your log can be in a notebook or on anything you like. It needs to include:DateaaaaTitleaaaaaAuthoraaaaaPgs/Chpts Readaaaaa# Minutes Read4. Find the BINGO page for the grade you are entering and print it out. You need to complete 5 in a row for BINGO. The Whole Page = Special Reward!! 5. When you come back to school, turn in your reading log(s) and your BINGO poge. I will reward students for.....
Each Grade:
Whole School:
# books
# books
# minutes
# minutes
5 in a row BINGO
whole page BINGO
IMPORTANT: Make sure a parent signs your reading log pages (they can just sign once at the end of the summer) and your BINGO page!! They must sign for you to receive a reward!

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, you can email me at: kchinchey@yahoo.com