Welcome to Second Grade with Mrs. Damiano!
Email info: mdamiano@stleoschool.org

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!! I am very excited to have your child in 2nd grade this year. Please check back often for any updates and pertinent information.

WE HAVE EARNED A PAJAMA DAY!! It will be on Tuesday, February 12, 2018. Students will have gym as well, so they should wear sneakers too.

Parents-It's that time of year when your child should wear a winter coat, hat, and gloves for recess...Thank you!

It was so great to see so many of you at our classroom visit during Catholic Schools Week. Thanks to all who were able to make it!

Parents...If your child brings a cell phone to school it MUST remain in his/her backpack. Also, please show your child how to silence or turn off his/her cell phone so that it is not a disruption during class, thank you. :)


Chapter 8: Money. We will focus on the value of money, how to count it, and how important these skills are in everyday life. Students will also use concrete models and draw diagrams to solve real-world word problems that require them to identify quantities of money in practical situations.


We will be practicing Daily 5 routines and weekly activities including word work, read to self, read to someone, writing, and listen to reading. Please check your child's take-home-folder regularly for corrected/returned work.


Lists are assigned on Monday of each week with a test on Friday. Please refer to your child's planner for a complete list. Feel free to use SpellingCity.com as a practice throughout the week.


Animal dioramas and report planning pages are due on Thursday, February 15th. Please feel free to use the following website that we used in class to access information of your child's chosen animal: http://kids.sandiegozoo.org Also, you are invited to join us on 2/15/18 from 2:30 to 3:00 in our classroom to see all the amazing projects and hear what the children learned about the many different animals they researched.


We will be working diligently throughout the year to prepare our hearts to receive Jesus through First Holy Communion as well as His redeeming Grace through Reconciliation. Information to come throughout the year through myself as well as Sister Dorothy. We will also attend adoration in the chapel on a weekly basis.


A new Homework packet is given to each child on Monday. Your child should complete the daily Math and Language Arts practice each evening, as well as 20 minutes of Reading. Please sign the Reading Log and Planner each evening. Thank you!!

Special Schedule:



Wednesday-Spanish and Art