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May 21, 2018

Dear Parents,
Can you believe we're heading into the last week of Kindergarten? This week we'll review, culminate activities, finish books, and practice for our K celebration show! I collected all baggy books and we're ending our circulation of 2 class books...1 everyone will have read, the other, not all will have had the chance! Time ran out! The children will receive their pages back. We made and circulated 30 books!! Awesome!....and we only lost 1!

  • Our 5 senses!
  • Books relating to the senses.
  • Games that utilized their senses.
  • Listened to "Messenger, Messenger" and "A Mouse Told His Mother" Vocab and comprehension skills.
  • Made a "feely" book and identified sour, sweet, bitter, and salty; labeled them on the tongue paper!
  • Talked about smells or sounds that they liked or not.
  • Wrote about pictures: fingerpainted (now everyone can say they've done it! Some said they hadn't! You can't leave Kindergarten having NEVER fingerpainted!!)
  • Listened to a story on the loft.
  • Sorted pictures and matched words to them.
  • "Built words" and "planted flowers" (and wrote the words for each flower picture).
  • Identified words that did/didn't make a complete sentence; punctuated sentences.
  • Played with puppets and sequenced them.
  • Read all sight words...I erased two rows and told them that they were too easy!
  • Played with Toobers and Zots, K-Nex, and Legos.
  • Practiced songs and responses for our show!
  • Completed all reading assessments for 1st grade!

  • Numbers work!
  • Completed activities using the words (and objects): cylinder, cube, cone, rectangular prism, sphere.
  • Adding and subtracting.
  • Were assessed in Math for 1st grade.

  • The 5 senses!
  • Talked about plants; read about "Seeds".
  • Let our butterflies go - after a short prayer service!
  • Listened to "Butterflies, Butterflies" and "Animal Homes".
  • Looked at different seeds at the science table.

  • Prayers and prayer share.
  • Thanked God for giving us 5 senses to enjoy all of His Creation!
  • Completed papers on the placement of objects in church.
  • Crowned Mary - explaining how we made our crowns and what we used! They are beautiful!! Thank You! You should see how seriously they take this sweet activity!

  • Friday - Show & Tell - bring in something we can either guess the sound of or feel to guess!
  • Friday - Noon dismissal / ice cream social with their buddies.
  • Monday - no school.
  • Tuesday - May 29, "K celebration" at 9:45 am in our classroom. Please be seated by then! It's a regular school day!
  • Wednesday - May 30 K's last day...a regular school day
  • June 7....8:45 Mass and 10:00 "move-up" to meet next year's teachers. Please note - you may attend Mass and have your child meet his/her teacher, when called to the front, and then proceed to the assigned classroom, OR, you can come to the lobby by 9:55 to be ready to go to the classroom, if you'd like. Any questions, please email me.

God bless you and Thank You!

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