Mrs. Bixby


March 12, 2018

Dear Parents,
I have quite a few comedians in my class! They came prepared with their jokes and delivered them well! Thanks for helping out.


ILA - Integrated Language Arts
  • Miss Ll "Longest Laugh" rand the doorbell with her bags.
  • Reviewed her board, read her book, completed worksheets, and practiced writing her letters.
  • We danced and played various phonics review games.
  • Wrote about our favorite Letter Person in our journals and told why; then illustrated the person.
  • Practiced reading nonsense words and practiced our sight words and daily sentences.
  • I hope you practiced the word list that I sent home this week. Keep it handy and practice often.
  • Listened to "Little Red Riding Hood", "Little Red Hen", "Is Your Mama a Llama?", and "Little Elephant's Trunk". Applied reading skills!
  • Wrote "l" words to read, made a lollipops book, and completed "sound review" papers.
  • Reconstructed sentences that were cut apart, played a memory game and a sight word board game with a partner.
  • Listened to a story on the loft and read with Mrs. Bixby.

math2.jpg "

  • Counting by 1's, 5's, and 10's.
  • Practiced writing numbers and recognizing coins.
  • Graphed lollipops.
  • Reviewed addition/subtraction signs and illustrated number stories; wrote the number sentence to match.
  • Worked with ten frames to 19...Showing a given number, reading the amount seen, writing 17 is 10 and 7 more.
  • Completing Vol. 1 Math book this week!


  • Identified living/not living things.
  • Told what living things need to live: air, food, light.
  • Enjoyed Mrs. Landis' (an aide) "Lighthouse Show". She told about the many places she has been and showed her collection. Read a true story about one.


  • Prayers and prayer share.
  • Prayed for all living things and for families who are struggling right now.
  • Read bible stories and discussed them while applying lessons to our lives now.
  • Picked a Lenten slip each day!

  • New sight words for this week: run, there, this. Please continue to practice all words for speed and accuracy.
  • "Show & Tell" - Be prepared to pantomime something!!
  • Lunch on the Loft: My lunch with MaKenzie and Delaney will be moved to Wednesday - due to the funeral which I'll be attending. Ben and Zach are on Thursday!
  • "Thank you" to Sammie's family for creating a "Lucky" March loft. it celebrates Dr. Seuss, leprechauns, and SPRING! Very bright and beautiful!
  • The children brought home a "Proud as a Peacock" paper for you to fill out about your child. It's a chance for you to brag and for them to feel good! I'll read each one to all! Please return by Friday!
  • Please bring in 1 dozen filled plastic Easter eggs for our egg hunt. Please keep those who are experiencing difficult times in your prayers. Can be filled with anything that fits!! Please tape any eggs that aren't shutting sufficiently. DUE by March 21! Thank you!
  • "Let's Dance" is a wonderful fund raiser. It's a fun night out with auctions, a buffet, drinks, music, and socializing. Get a group together! Join the party. I'll be there! C'mon!!

Thank you for the tissues sent in last week! We're well stocked again!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay loving!
Bless You,