Mrs. Bixby


May 29, 2018

Dear Parents,
By the time you read this, you will have already enjoyed the children's Kindergarten celebration program! Weren't they adorable? As I've said before, this time of the year is bittersweet, as you can imagine.
They have learned what was taught and are ready for first grade! I pray that they do well and work as hard as they did this year.
Inserted in their report card envelopes is the paper I referred to....concerning reviewing during the summer months. If you do nothing else, please read(you to them and them to you) and write(about any prompt - an experience, object, tv show, etc.). At least 3 sentences would be a good goal.
I want to thank you for preparing your child for class each day. it's evident that they are loved and cared for in so many beautiful ways.
As for all of you, I can't tell you how much I appreciated the many ways you have helped me. Your child reaped the rewards of your time, talent, and dedication. God bless you!
In closing, I wish you all a very happy and safe summer. Remember to take Jesus wherever you go on vacation!

  • June 7....8:45 Mass and 10:00 "move-up" to meet next year's teachers. Please note - you may attend Mass and have your child meet his/her teacher, when called to the front, and then proceed to the assigned classroom, OR, you can come to the lobby by 9:55 to be ready to go to the classroom, if you'd like. Any questions, please email me.

My gifts were your children! They gave me a fun reason to get up each morning and put a smile on my face when i saw their smiles and received their warm hugs!

Love and blessings,