Welcome to Mr. Soper's 4th Grade!
Welcome to Fourth Grade! Be prepared for a year of hard work, critical thinking, and growing closer to our Lord through prayer, service, and our work. Let everything that we do be for the Glory of God's Name!

End of the Year Slideshow: (Updated)

Summer Assignment:

  • Xtra Math
    • All incoming 4th Grade students are expected to complete Xtra Math Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication Programs this summer.
    • Students should be completing ONE complete session at least FOUR days per week.
    • As soon as students complete each operation (confirmed by Mr. Soper and certificate sent via email), they will be exempt from the assignment for the remainder of the summer.
    • This assignment will go toward the first grade in Math in the first trimester of 4th Grade.
      • If student completes the programs, they will receive full credit.
      • If student completes at least 4 times per week, but does not complete the program, they will still receive full credit.
  • Reading
    • Students are required to read three books in all.
      • Students will read Winn Dixie and complete the trifold as found in the summer assignment folders.
      • Students will read ONE choice book from the book list provided in the summer assignment folder, AND complete the BLUE STORY MAP.
      • Students will read ONE choice book from the book list provided in the summer assignment folder.
    • Students are highly encouraged to complete Reading Log, found in summer assignment folder. Three required books should be included. Remaining books on the list do not have to be a part of the book list provided.

How to submit corrections:

  • When you receive quizzes and tests in the Friday Folder, you have the opportunity to make corrections for partial credit.
  • Be sure to include the proper heading, the title (assignment being corrected), and only the problems/questions being corrected. Be sure to write out the entire problem/question if you would like credit.
  • Corrections due on Monday. (Only exception is if the student is absent on Monday or Friday.)
  • Use the following as a model.IMG_0090.JPG

Attention: We will be using Google Classroom this year in Mr. Soper's classes. Homework and announcements will be posted on your students' Google Classrooms.
How to access your Google Classroom:

  • Go to www.google.com
  • Sign into GMail using credentials received in class.
  • Go to www.classroom.google.com
  • Navigate through classroom from Main Dashboard (i.e. Girls/Boys Social Studies or Math)