Welcome to Mr. Panyik's Computer Class Wiki page!
I hope everyone had a great Summer vacation and enjoyed the first week of school!Check out some of the things you will be learning about in computer class this year by looking for your grade below!
Check this page regularly for information on assignments and projects.Please feel free to email me at mpanyik@stleoschool.orgif you have any questions!I am looking forward to a great year of Technology!~Mr. Panyik

Grade 8
PowerPoint, Blogging, Desktop Publishing and more!

Grade 7
We will continue our immersion into Google Drive as well as learn more about spreadsheets!Click here to get to Google Drive We will also learn about presentations and PowerPoint

Grade 6
We will be introducing Google Drive to the class and introduce some basics of Microsoft Excel and Word!
Thank you to everyone who turned in your Summer Assignment! If you are still needing to finish it up and need directions please click on the .pdf file below.

Grade 5
We will continue our researching skills, introduce some word processing skills in Microsoft Word as well as learn about programs like HyperStudio!
But don't forget to practice your typing skills and keep your fingers on the home keys! This is a yearlong homework assignment!!!

Grade 4
You need to practice your typing skills everyday! See some links below to help you out:
Alpha Munchies Typing Game
This is from the website ABCya.com which is a great resource for online educational games. This link is to an online typing game called Alpha Munchies which is a take off of the classic Space Invaders game from back in the day. Don't know what that is? Go ask your parents :-) Please be aware that this game can get a little challenging so keep at it and try not to get discouraged!
Typing Rocket Game
This is another typing game from the ABCya.com website. Enjoy!
Retro Typer
Challenge your parents to play with you on this game "cause we're kickin it old school!!!"
Retro Typer is an educational activity for kids to practice keyboarding. Retro Typer is highly customizable - players can select from several different levels to focus on certain keys. The object of the game is to protect the city at the bottom of the screen from falling letters! If letters are able to break through to the bottom of the screen the game is over!
Dance Mat Typing
This is a fun website that introduces the keyboard and proper finger placement and typing skills. This is good for those students looking for something a little more challenging than the Keyboard Challenge. Remember to keep your fingers on the home keys! You may want to wear some earphones for this website!

Grade 3

This year we will introduce you to keyboarding skills along with other projects! Tell your parents about the home keys.
Keyboard Challenge
This is from the website ABCya.com which is a great resource for online educational games. This link is specifically for learning where the keys on the keyboard are located. Try not to look at the keyboard in front of you as you try this challenge! Good luck! This is a good introduction for what we will be learning about next year!

Grade 2
We will continue our exploration of Computer Terms and skills!

Grade 1
Introduction to Computer Basics!

(Grades 3/4) Try out this cool Rube Goldberg machine by clicking Here
Evaluating Websites

Cool PowerPoint Animation

As always, it is important to be safe when going online...